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Wrestling Mats & Wall Padding : TW Promotions

Wrestling Mats & Wall Padding

We've personally done every phase of the mat business, including picking up and delivering mats in our own trucks; transporting them to our factory in PA for reconditioning;...

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Wall Padding : TW Promotions

Kwik Stik Wall Padding:

Purposes: Wrestling room Wall Padding, Gymnasium Wall Padding, Indoor Wall Padding.

Wall Padding is offered in same color options as RESILITE wrestling mats.

Kwik Stick Wall Padding is permanently attached to the wall.

Can be installed to provide continous protection around any wall obstruction.

Easily add, logos, emblems and lettering of your choice.

Wainscot Wall Padding:

Purposes: Gymnasium Wall Padding, Basketball Wall Padding, Indoor Wall Padding.

Wall Panels are covered in vinyl fabric with up to 14 color options.

Wainscot Wall...

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Wall Padding Refurbishing : TW Promotions

The Levittown Division School District has used TW exclusively for wrestling mats and wall padding projects for the...

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