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Contagious skin infections such as ringworm, staph and impetigo are commonly transmitted by grappling on dirty training mats; combatting these problems are an ongoing issue for every responsible gym owner.� Without proper attention, athletes become sick and your gym's reputation can be quickly damaged causing a drop in membership and a loss of income.� Mops and cleaning...

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Men's Wrestling Shoes Buying Guide

Wrestling brings to mind sweaty mats, takedowns and pins, but what about footwear? Of course you need to master the fundamentals of the sport, but your choice in footwear can have an impact on your performance. Wrestling shoes come with a variety of special features, which vary slightly from brand to brand. Understanding those differences helps you choose...

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The Best Wrestling Shoes (April 2017) – TopRateTEN

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The Ancient Greeks never used footwear for their competitive wrestling matches, but the Roman culture that soon followed afterwards began using special padded leather sandals while wrestling. Today's modern wrestling shoes are carefully engineered to provide superior support to critical areas of the foot while increasing grip and traction on the mat to enhance a wrestler's...

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