russian wrestling singlets, youth wrestling singlet, sexy ...

russian wrestling singlets, youth wrestling singlet, sexy women wrestling singlet,�

*wrestling gear:

We would be very happy to help you design a completly unique singlet. Simply send your ideas in an email. We will review your sketch (no need to be an artist), and then create your singlet to the best of our ability. The high quality lycra let the players feel comfortable,tight-fit but breathable.

1. �Fabric�are�flexible�:usually 250/290grm lycra fabric that�is�perfect�for wrestling singlets;

2. �Size...

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Folkstyle Wrestling - Suplay Products

.Two-color moisture wicking Lycra singlet with contrasting upper/lower body front and back. The Compression Gear® singlet acts as a second skin, providing increased force and power production while reducing muscle fatigue during matches. Fortified with our exclusive MXS® fabric technology, it wicks moisture from the body, increasing comfort and providing an intangible performance advantage....

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Equipment - Women Wrestling



���Women's wrestling is a fine mix of glamour and physical prowess. Various female wrestling variants call for different attires, but since this website is mostly focused on professional wrestling, that's what we'll discuss in more detail in this section.

The singlets that lady wrestlers wear for freestyle matches have been around for a while. They are basically the same as...

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