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San Diego's Wrestling Gym

Welcome to The Arena's San Diego Wrestling program. We offer the largest year-round Wrestling school in San Diego. We have a fully matted Wrestling room, where we run weekly practices led by 2x All-American Coach Jesse Taylor.

For both novices and advanced wrestlers, our classes offer a great opportunity to learn or stay on top of your...

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Wrestling Mats

We offer high quality...

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Kushti : India's traditional mud wrestling

Indian style wrestling or Kushti at an Akhara or wrestling arena in Delhi.

Kushti is India's traditional wrestling on soil. This ancient sport used to hold great importance in Indian societies of the past, its popularity over the recent years however, has dwindled tremendously.

At present Kusti is only practiced in a handful of pockets around India. Even in these places the future of the sport is uncertain. The government...

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