Where can I buy a Wrestling Ring in the UK (preferably ...

I want to buy a wrestling ring but I live in England and I can't find any good places to buy them here. Where could I buy one and for roughly how much? Thanks! :)

Update: I don't mean a toy one, i mean a proper life size one :)


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Best Answer:  The reason you can't find one is because they tend to be...

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Website: https://uk.answers.yahoo.com

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Wrestle Crate

OH MY GOD...my @WrestleCrateUK this month was freaking awesome...amazing stuff inside. So glad I subscribed.



I thought everyone was going OTT about how good this month's @WrestleCrateUK is. Nope, it's absolutely REDIC.



I've just jumped for joy opening this up. Thank you for bringing this to the UK!



Previous Crates have featured...

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Website: http://www.wrestlecrate.co.uk

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