Where can I buy a Wrestling Ring in the UK (preferably ...

I want to buy a wrestling ring but I live in England and I can't find any good places to buy them here. Where could I buy one and for roughly how much? Thanks! :)

Update: I don't mean a toy one, i mean a proper life size one :)


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Best Answer:  The reason you can't find one is because they tend to be...

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Website: https://uk.answers.yahoo.com

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How to watch TNA Wrestling in the UK and Ireland ...

Being a wrestling promotion isn't easy in an ever-changing world juggling the demands of the fans are exceptionally high, combined with budgets, sponsors, TV deals and alot more, however, no other company has displayed its versatility in it's ability to survive more so than TNA.

For the past three years, January has always been a time of change for TNA. In 2015, IMPACT moved to Destination...

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Date: 2017-04-22 14:06:08
Website: http://vulturehound.co.uk

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HireWrestling.com Specialises in putting on top quality live family wrestling shows using only the best wrestlers and boasting the best productions values in the UK.

We can provide live wrestling action as your main entertainment or as a side attraction at your holiday park, local fete or...

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Website: http://s440032978.initial-website.co.uk

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FutureShock Wrestling Official Website UK

The Futureshock Wrestling Academy is Manchester's Premiere Pro Wrestling School offering the highest standard of training 7

days a week. We pride ourselves on providing a safe, fun and supportive learning environment. Meaning that from the moment

you step through the door and learn your first wristlock to debuting on our shows you will be taught the right way. Our full time

schedule means we can...

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Date: 2017-03-08 17:55:26
Website: http://www.futureshockwrestling.co.uk

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where is thewwe wrestling traning school in india? | Yahoo ...

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Best Answer:� The WWE don't have official training schools anywhere. They have a developmental system in Florida. If you are a good talent or have some potential, then they will sign you to a contract to train and work in FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling). You have to find a reputable training school to train and gain...

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Website: https://in.answers.yahoo.com

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ROH - Wikipedia

^ Ring of Honor Wrestling ROH


Caldwell, James (2011 5 21 ). " ROH Breaking News: Ring of Honor sold - ROH announces official sale of the promotion;...

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Date: 2017-04-17 13:44:23
Website: https://ja.wikipedia.org

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Wrestle Crate

OH MY GOD...my @WrestleCrateUK this month was freaking awesome...amazing stuff inside. So glad I subscribed.



I thought everyone was going OTT about how good this month's @WrestleCrateUK is. Nope, it's absolutely REDIC.



I've just jumped for joy opening this up. Thank you for bringing this to the UK!



Previous Crates have featured...

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Website: http://www.wrestlecrate.co.uk

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