Rent Sumo Wrestling Gear

Rent your fun sumo wrestling gear from Bobby K Entertainment for a whole LOT of fun.

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Sumo Wrestling

Myself and another soldier trying out the Sumo Wrestling gear our recruiters have.

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Sumo Wrestling Tycoon

You have 50 days to train, eat, and defeat as many Sumo Wrestling opponents as you can in Sumo Wrestling Tycoon. Manage your daily energy: Exercise in gym to build strength and speed. Bet on matches to win money. Eat to stay fit. Buy gear in shop to boost your confidence. Defeat your sumo wrestling opponents and win glory.

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Zero Gear - Sumo

Whats better than sumo wrestling? Karts with giant fists impersonating sumo wrestlers, while the floor falls away!

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sumo wrestling!

dont worried we have protective gear!

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Wrestling Sumo Suits Hire / Rent in Galway 087 9314139

Galway Wrestling Sumo Suits for hire rent in Galway City and County for hire rent connemara wrestling sumo suits for hire rent galway city and county

Want to add something fun and competitive to your event? Why not hire sumo wrestling suits! With sizes to fit both children and adults and these wrestling suits are always a massive hit.

The objective of the game is for two heavily padded “sumo wrestlers” to try and knock their opponent to the mat. We...

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Top Gear: Car Sumo Wrestling (S5 E32) | History

In this scene, Lou Ferrigno challenges Adam, Tanner and Rutledge to a tournament of car sumo wrestling.

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My sumo wrestling match

Dylan Fitzgerald has black head gear. James Glazar has red head gear. It was a great match!

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