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Thumb Wrestling - Mat Fitchett - 9/27/12

Mat Fitchett, one half of the Sex Bomb-ombs along with former Thumb Wrestling guest Davey Vega, talks wrestling, his painting and other art, plus video games. He will return soon so listen and enjoy this guy before he comes back to fly around the ring for your entertainment.

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Mat cure body disease பாய் போட்டுப் படுத்தால் நோய் விட்டுப் போகும்!

http://sindinga.com/ A mat is any of a number pieces of fabric material. It is used for many things, generally placed on a floor or other flat surface, which serves a range of purposes including:

providing a regular or flat surface, such as a cushioned computer mousepad.

protecting that which is beneath the mat, such as a place mat or the matting used in archival framing and preservation of documents and paintings.

protecting that which is above the mat, such as a wrestling or gymnastics mat,...

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